The Man

  • Andrew K White About Me Cook Like A Man

    I'm the man that's gonna teach you to cook.


    So you want to know some stuff about me? I guess that's only fair. My name is Andrew K White.

    I'm a graduate of the L'Academie de Cuisine intensive 12-week cooking course. I've been cooking for years and have been a man for even longer.

    I wrestle alligators. I make women swoon. I'm a man's man.


    The stuff you'll learn in the course is only the tip of the cooking iceberg. I've got plenty to yammer on about, and you'll get all of that for free in the blog.

    You want tips on cooking different types of meat? You got it.

    Want to learn what those weird ingredients you find on some hoity-toity menus are? Yes siree bob.

    Plus there will be oodles of things that I'm too lazy to list here.

    And if you want to know anything specific, drop me a line on twitter (@WhiteAndrewK) or in the form below and I'll make it happen.


    Let me know what you think. Seriously. Have at it.