• Jambalaya

    Complex, flavorful, and a great tool for learning to Cook Like a Man
    Jambalaya. Flavorful and complex, a perfect tool to cook like a man
  • SSDS: The Cooking Skill to Change Your Life

    In the fourth and final section, you'll cook what we like to call a crowd-pleaser. It's also the most difficult dish in the class, but fear not! If you've listened to even a quarter of what I've yammered on about in the previous lessons, you'll be well equipped.

    Jambalaya has got it all. Cooking multiple types of protein. Cooking for an extended period of time. More knife skills. And of course, the mythical SSDS, which you can use for any soup or stew.

  • Jambalaya Lessons

    • 22 - Jambalaya Intro

      Lesson 22

      Intro to Jambalaya and Cajun Cuisine

    • 23 - Green Pepper

      Lesson 23

      Learn to Dice with Celery and Bell Pepper

    • 24 - Parsley

      Lesson 24

      Measuring by Sight with Parsley and Garlic

    • 25 - Onion

      Lesson 25

      Practice Time: Chopping the Onion

    • Cooking Protein and Sausage

      Lesson 26

      Let's Talk Protein: Sausage and Chicken

    • 26 - Shrimp

      Lesson 27

      Preparing and Cutting Shrimp

    • 27 - Sweat and Sear

      Lesson 28

      The SSDS Skill: Sweat and Sear

    • 28 - Deglaze and Simmer

      Lesson 29

      The SSDS Skill: Deglaze and Simmer

    • 29 - Finishing

      Lesson 30

      Adding the Finishing Touches and Plating

    • 21 - Scampi Wrap Up

      Lesson 31

      Key Takeaways and Course Wrap Up